Gladium is an independent investment and consulting firm with a focus on the process industry. We are focused on mainly three areas: advisory consulting services to companies related to the process industry, investment in companies related to the process industry, and management of Lean improvement in the process industry. So whether you are a private equity fund buying a company related to the process industry, an owner or a manager of a company related to the process industry or work in operations at a process industry, Gladium may have knowledge to help you reach your targets.


Our philosophy starts with our customers and ends with the creation of a higher value. We want to work with and together with customers when we believe can bring something to the table, both for own sake as much as for our customers. Our purpose is always that in the end we create value for our customers. That includes both our consulting services and investments in companies that we are involved in. You are more than welcome to contact us for an open-ended conversation about how we together can address your needs and opportunities to reach your targets!


-We are looking forward to hear from you!



Jan Svärd,




Before founding Gladium, Jan was the Managing Director for AkzoNobel Functional Chemicals. The business had a turnover of 1.9 bnEur and more than 4000 employees. He has also been President of EKA Chemicals between 2000-2010 with a turnover of 1 bnEur and 3000 employees. During these years EKA developed into the globally largest supplier of chemicals the Pulp and Paper Industry. In addition to operative positions, Jan has also been an active board member and chairman of several start-up and development projects, medium sized companies, and research- as well as branch organizations, related to the process industry. Jan graduated from Chalmers University of Technology with a master’s degree in Industrial Management.



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Contact Jan: jansvard@gladium.se or telephone number +46 (0)70-978 64 74


John Svärd, Managing Director

Before joining Gladium, John finished his engineer studies at Chalmers University of Technology. His master thesis investigated the relationship between leadership styles and leanness in Swedish chemical companies. In addition to a bachelor- and master’s degree in Mechanical/Industrial Engineering, John also holds a bachelor’s degree with a major in Business Administration at the University of Gothenburg.



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Contact John: johnsvard@gladium.se or telephone number +46 (0)70-493 60 53



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