Lean for the Process Industry



For manufacturers to be successful in today’s global market, it is important to be competitive. Lean Production can be a great tool for increasing competitiveness, but many western companies have trouble implementing and sustaining Lean initiatives.


Recent studies indicates that the process industry is not an exception when it comes to struggles of implementing Lean Production. Furthermore, the application of the Lean Production principles in the process industry does also inherently have some fundamental translation issues compared to the traditional manufacturing industry.


Gladium is currently developing a tool for Lean-assessment specially designed for the process industry and the challenges that comes with it. The tool is called Lean Improvement Analyst (LIA) and will have the ability to assess a process company's leannness regardless if the company has implemented Lean Production or not.


We believe that for a company to correctly plan how to allocate their resources for tomorrow they need to know where they are today. LIA can facilitate the need of knowing how Lean a company is today, how Lean the company is compared to their competitors and what the company should do to improve their leanness.


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